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Little Trees

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Finding your way around
If you are comfortable with internet browsing and web shopping then you don't need to read this. There is nothing unusual or different about how this site works. If you feel you need a bit of guidance, then read on.
If you have seen my craft table then you will know that there are hundreds of individual items on the table. Many of them are here. It's easy to browse at my table and we have tried to make it just as easy to browse around on this site. Just as you move around at the table, you need to move around here. Also just like at the table you may want to pick something up and look closer. Each item has its own page with a big picture and all the details I can think of. You just need to click on the links to get there. If the cursor turns into a hand you can click. Just click away, you can't get lost. Most pictures also act as a link.
You will often see a button called "previous page". That will simply take you back one step to where you were before. On the left you can see the main tabs. You can click on those from anywhere and you will be taken to a starter page  that you will have already seen.
Other Websites
If you go to the shows list and click on the directions link then you will be taken to another website to get details or directions. My website will still be there and you can simply cancel that other site when you are finished.
If you click on my email address, then your own computer might automatically create an email you can send to me; this depends on how your PC is set up. Otherwise you need to copy my email address into your own email programme.
Please have a look at "Payment and Admin". Simply, if you want to buy then you can click the "Cart" button after making any choices. This will take you to a separate secure payment site where you can use your credit card. My pages will still be there. PayPal acts a bit different depending on your computer software. If you want to add other things, the continue shopping button sometimes doesn't work. But don't worry, your shopping cart will always be there. The easiest thing is to cancel the PayPal window until you are ready to checkout. Your cart will still be there and you can always access it via the "Review and Checkout" page.