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Hematite Bracelet




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18 cm (7")



*Actual wrist size. It will be comfortable up to this wrist size and on smaller wrists by a couple of cm.

If you require a different length then please contact me. If I have the gemstones available I will make one to your requirements. Please note that I will ask for your wrist size. The bracelet I make will be suitable for that size of wrist, which depends on the bracelet design 

This bracelet is made from Hematite and has a magnetic clasp for easy wearing. Hematite is a deep charcoal black gemstone with a deceptive sheen.. Each bracelet will vary slightly as the stones are naturally occuring. It will be made to the size specified unless your ask differently (see below). For further details see below. It will be supplied at the specified length unless otherwise requested.


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